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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 3, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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construction zone at north flynn when they flipped the officers suffered minor injuries and were taken to the hospital to be checked out. other officers caught the two in the car and took them into custody in tracy. kira klapper will have more in 30 minutes. >> as you can see, there are still residual rain on the roadway, even though it is not raining now. >> meteorologist mike nicco looking at live doppler. quiet, live doppler 7 hd picking up dry air, there are still wet spots, just because we had so much rain and some of those drainages, didn't allow most of it to drain. there are spots out there here's a look at what is going on. no fog yet, visibility still very nice, eight fairfield, nine napa, high clouds keeping the fog from forms. in the afternoon we'll go from
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mainly cloudy this morning because of the high clouds will start to thin out, may see low clouds because there is soap moisture on the ground. light breeze at the coast, upper 50s to near 60. dry inland with low to mid 60s. no problems on the bay bridge, is light this morning, friday was just a nasty commute if you were out you recall that. now it is calm, clear, as you can see no delays at the bay bridge, no metering lights. san mateo bridge a little traffic, no significant problems towards the highrise about a 13 minute to 14 minutes from the east bay to the peninsula or vice versa. bart, muni, caltrain, all mass transit on time. here's a look at drive times, 80 westbound nice drive, 880 i should say, 580 as well, highway 4 there's your drive east bay freeway into the maze.
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5:02. some lafayette neighbors are waking up without gas, water and sue age service you can blame it on the -- and sewage service, you can blame it on the storm. amy hollyfield is live at the scene. >> reporter: what a mess look at this huge hole behind me. you can see where many so of the lines snapped off that's why they are having so many problems this is going to be this way for a while. city officials are looking for a permanent fix that might not come until spring. look at the mess on this street that they have to cleanup, the pavement piled up in front of this home. it is going to be a while until this neighborhood gets back to normal here's a good look at the hole in the daytime this happened 8:30 yesterday morning. not only created a huge hole, but snapped off a water service line, a water main and a sewage line this happened because there was too much in
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the creek it plugged up the culvert that sent the water gushing on to the street and eroded the soil this is causing a headache for residents. >> bottled water, just going to the bathroom. >> it may be the case we have to wait until we have dry weather before we can do a permanent fix. this road could be closed for some time. >> reporter: it could have been worse, raw sewage almost made night the creeks, crews were able to build a bypass just before the collapse. city officials are now begging residents to please, keep the creeks clear of garbage and when they do see garbage piling up to give city officials a call and this situation they say was just too late. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. road crews will be out today trying to make sure they are repairing a large pothole on highway 4 in pittsburg and that repair work is holding.
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the gave flat tires to drivers yesterday morning. at one point there was a line of cars with flats from that pothole. one driver told us, 25 cars were waiting to get fix. people in live in a vallejo mobile home park are back home this morning. under water as a creek overflowed. there were whitewater rapids through the middle of that park forcing residents to move to higher ground. this morning the water receded things are still muddy. no injuries. the storm watch continues here, stay with you can track the rainy time with live doppler 7 hd at bart says its computer system should be up and running normally this morning following a power outage that shutdown the system twice, knocking out bart's main system yesterday some were
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stranded an hour before a back-up system kicked in. bart had to use back-up generators. the system went down again briefly later in the afternoon. a 14-year-old vallejo boy accused of kidnapping a 65-year-old woman is scheduled to be arraigned in court this morning this is a picture of king during his initial court appearance last month. the crime is so serious the prosecutors have charged king as adult. they say he kidnapped the woman at gunpoint in front of a store in vallejo november 15th. the woman was found duct taped near i-80. 5:06. waking up this morning you will feel a difference first you will see the difference also very cold. >> it is a little chillier than it was yesterday. windows were fogged up in my car. there's a lot of moisture, going to be one of those mornings where there's a lot of dew on the grass, car, kids will get their shoes wet
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walking to school this morning, even though no rain is falling. healthy moisture supply in the upper parts of the atmosphere that's why we have high clouds now most of this going to stay north and move north into the afternoon increase in sunshine today after a mainly cloudy start with temperatures much cooler in the 40s for most of us instead of 50s and 60s we had with that warm push of air over the last couple of mornings. 50s with increasing sunshine by noon, mid to upper 50s, near 60 by 4:00, you will need the jacket 7:00, low to mid 50s. another system from the west, doesn't have nearly the moisture with it, the rain will return tomorrow, especially in the north bay early and for the rest us in the afternoon low to mid 60s, showers for wednesday, finally turns dry thursday live to san rafael southbound 101 past civic
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center past lucas valley road and freitas parkway and north san pedro things at the limit here, no delays southern marin up and over the waldo, clear, roads are good past spencer and rodeo on the span you can see light traffic no roadwork on the golden gate bridge. they have yet to but will shortly configure those four lanes for your southbound drive into san francisco. roadwork eastbound 580 between greenville and north flynn as we reported there was an earlier chp chase that officer got into that construction zone and flipped the car, injured officer, still blocking lane in the construction zone and is east , you can westbound is good out of the central val >> next, losses from a southern california port strike are climbing into the billions. next, the big boost the dispute is giving the port of oakland. stepping out for a night on the town, what nancy pelosi
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says the nation needs to see this holiday season from democrats and republicans.
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tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios has whole grain and 110 delicious calories. ...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. it is a monday, 5:11. good morning hope you had a great weekend. it is dry the rain has stopped this is the embarcadero in san francisco, no problems, you can go for an early morning jog if you would like. when is the rain going to come
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back? mike is keeping an eye on his forecast that in a moment. pg&e workers are still out this morning trying to restore power to 2,000 bay area homes and businesses. biggest outage is not bay, 700 customers in the dark. east bay about 635 people don't have power. in the south bay nearly 600 people don't have electric service. in santa cruz county, about 250 people customers are without service. at the peak of the storm around 10 yesterday morning 125,000 customers didn't have electric service system wide. port of oakland continues to get extra business as the result of the continuing strike in los angeles and long beach. kell workers began their strike last -- clerical workers began their strike last tuesday, they've managed to shutdown most of the terminals at two southern california pores. latest numbers in, the strike is -- creating losses estimated at a billion dollars
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a day. white house waiting for the next move from congressional republicans on a solution to averting the so-called fiscal cliff, whether it is political negotiating or posturing, every american stands to lose if top politicians can come up with a plan before the end of the year deadline. tahman bradley has latest from washington. >> reporter: fiscal cliff talks have hit a stalemate only 29 days to go, republicans and democrats remain far apart over the weekend there was worry negotiations might fail. >> i think we are going over the cliff, it is clear they've made a political calculation. >> reporter: president obama and his team are demanding that congress allow bush era tax cuts to expire. >> there is no responsible way we can govern this country with those low rates in place for future generations those rates have to go up. >> reporter: republicans have drawn a line in the sand on raising tax rates signaling they are open to raising revenue by reforming the tax
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code and limiting reductions for the wealthy. >> right now i would say we are nowhere. >> reporter: president obama asking for 1.6 trillion in new tax revenue over 10 years, boehner is offering half that. the president offering 600 billion dollars in cuts to medicare and other programs. the speaker says that is not enough. he hasn't outlined what he thinks should be cut. if they can't avoid the fiscal cliff, january 1st, nearly every american will pay more income tax between $2,000 to $2400 for the average family, 2% cut in payroll taxes will disappear, 500 billion dollars in automatic spending cuts in effect, half at the pentagon the other half from educating, transportation, food safety and research. economists fear if washington can strike a deal the economy will fall back into recession and employment will shoot up. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. sarah palin stepped out on
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the red carpet -- nancy pelosi stepped out on the red carpet for a night of glamour she strolled before photographers at last night's kennedy center honors she talked about efforts to resolve the impasse. >> this is not a night of politics and policy, but since you asked, yes we think it would be a wonderful christmas gift to the american people for the middle class to have a tax cut come january. >> pelosi says she will try to force a house vote on a senate passed bill to break the deadlock. >> the kennedy center on -- -- they received the nation's highest award. let's look outside good
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morning. good news, it is dry this morning as we look down on some of the clouds hanging around some of the fog trying to form as we look from mount tamalpais this morning. the key is it is trying to form, right now too many high clouds out there, that's keeping the fog from forming. here's a look at live doppler, you can see rolling the last three hours, nothing but dry air during the morning hours it let's move on and talk about how this forecast is going to unfold by giving you my three forecast highlights. high clouds, sunshine, don't
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need the wet weather gear today. however, look at home, -- look at tomorrow, unsettled weather pattern wet weather tomorrow into wednesday not going to be repeat of sunday, nor of friday, more like last week tuesday and wednesday. once we get past that extended period of dry weather starts thursday, 10 to 12 days without seeing rain. tell turns right now, running 40 napa, 50 san francisco, as you head towards the monterey bay around the mid 50s, mid 40s to around 50°. area of high pressure low pressure trying to converge on california high pressure wins today that keeps us dry and the storm track north. fast forward to tomorrow morning light rain developing up in the north bay, stays up in the north bay other than a few sprinkles through the noon hour starting to move into the heart of the bay during the afternoon, during the evening all of us will get light rain,
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more moderate rain in the north bay during the overnight hours wednesday yellows there, rain spread across our neighborhoods during the morning commute wednesday will be the toughest commute, rain hangs around wednesday, more scattered showers towards wednesday evening. rainfall amounts impressive north bay mountains up to two inch there is, 3/4 of an inch north bay, quarter to half inch for the rest of us. temperatures are staying in the 60s except for a few 50s at the coast. thursday through sunday, dry weather. no clogging on the roads this morning compared to friday which was a mess even yesterday morning. clear on the east shore freeway past golden gate fields, a little slowing because of that merge with 580 and 80 otherwise at the limit
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eastbound good past university towards el cerrito. bay bridge toll getting a little busy no metering lights, no problems upper deck into san francisco nice drive now out of antioch starting to slow you can see speeds of 37 miles an hour, 15 minutes to make your way towards concord. look at your drive times, 680 corridor to dublin pleasanton, good from walnut creek, 24 to the caldecott tunnel under 20 minutes out of santa rosa into novato drive about 30 minutes which is typical this morning. moraga teen denied an eagle scout award because he's gay will be honored by state lawmakers today. he spent 10 years working toward that award. last year scout officials said he violated the scout's anti-gay policy his mom star add online drive to try to quinn the scouts to reverse their decision. more than 425,000 signatures.
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today ryan will be honored at the opening session of the assembly by openly guy speaker john peres. raider nation we want to see your team pride, e-mail photos to ureport. we'll post photos at and show them on air. during our special raiders' day he -- decision of abc7 news at 5 watch manning take on the raiders right here on abc 7. omg! the text message celebrating a big anniversary. pope benedict is trying something new to reach the younger generation. first, here's abc's money report. airlines looking for new fees to collect from passengers three day conference brainstorming ideas
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for more. half the people eligible for unemployment benefits aren't bothering to collect some don't expect to be out of work that long others are worried about annoying former employers. latest twilight tops at the box office for the third straight weekend, another 17 million dollars.
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good morning. camera in vollmer peak in the east bay hills looking west towards the bay bridge and san francisco we see traffic moving along okay what we don't see is rain shooting sideways in your view like it
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was 24 hours ago. it was quite some rainstorm yesterday. >> you didn't even need an umbrella, it wouldn't have don't you any good. right now dry, won't be long before the rain makes a bit of a comeback. let's look at live doppler, good monday morning. picking up dry air this morning, residual moisture on a few roads because of the extra amount of rain that we had yesterday. let's talk about today around the bay. starting off manly cloudy, mid to upper 40s, brighter by -- by noon, increase in sun, a lot of cloud cover mid to upper 50s, inland low to mid 40s mostly cloudy, top out in the mid to upper 50s mild today not too breezy at the coast 46° this morning jump up to 57. for the traffic center -- [ unintelligible ]
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quiet now, i so far, so good for your monday morning commute to san jose 87 northbound a few cars passing by hp pavillion no delays. >> san mateo bridge a few brake lights westbound curve towards the highrise traffic otherwise flowing at the limit towards foster city and foster city boulevard, 101, san mateo. drive times headed southbound 880 towards san jose not bad, 237, altamont good towards dublin pleasanton and livermore drive southern marin 580 to the golden gate bridge under 15 minutes. 5:25. lol! happy birthday. the next message is 20-years-old, it doesn't seem like texting has been around that long, december 3rd, 1992, the first short message service was sent a 22-year-old tech in great britain wanted to send a message to his
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co-worker during a christmas party the message read simply, "merry christmas." the vatican is holding a news conference this morning to launch the pope's personal twitter account. the pope will tweet this six witches, he sent out his first last year from a vatican account which tweets news about the pontiff. in case you are wondering why he didn't take@pope that. was taken. guess by whom? >> silicon valley web developer. i checked@god. following breaking news in the east bay two officers injured. to other early morning chp chases land two drivers in jail. one in san jose and ended in oakland. we'll show you what went down.
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breaking news near livermore, two chp officers injured when their car flipped during a high speed chase on i-580 this video just in from the scene at the altamont pass the pursuit started 3:30 near isabel avenue in livermore. >> the officers were chasing a through a construction zone at north flynn road when the car flipped. the officers were tan to the hospital to be checked out. other chp officers caught the two in the car and took them into custody in tracy. kira klapper will have more in 30 minutes. right now, we check for the weather, right now not
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raining. all quiet. here's a look at live doppler, thought i would broaden it out, shows the entire state we've been focusing on what has been going on around the bay, no worries, looking good, now let's zoom down to our neighborhood and show you that, just nothing as far as wet weather, good news there. it is going to be a dry day all day today. a light breeze possible at the coast today, upper 50s to around 60. partly sunny this afternoon, a little more sunshine and temperatures low to mid 60s. rain on the way tuesday and wednesday that forecast in just a minute. let's get some traffic. so far quiet that's how we like it, happy to tell you 101 southbound through marin past
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freitas parkway and north san hey towards lincoln is at the limit, no -- fog, very light, golden gate bridge southbound configuring commute to four lanes as per usual, right now traffic at the limit off the waldo into the city. eastbound 580 between greenville and north flynn roadwork there until 11:00, westbound good drive into dublin pleasanton off the altamont. heading out right now drive times: back to that breaking news, two chp officers hurt in an early morning chase on i-580. kira klapper did just get to the chp office in dublin. >> reporter: good morning. we are at the dublin chp office because that's where those two identifies are based. they are both being treated at the hospital. fortunately, for minor injuries. we have incredible video from
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the scene. chp car on its roof, it happened two hours ago about 3:30 this morning. it was two highway patrol cars that began pursuing a speeding driver on i-580 and isabel avenue in livermore the chase reached speeds of mover than 100 miles an hour at some point, one car overturned at greenville and east north flynn. both officers suffered minor injuries, you can see them, one officer with head wounds, otherwise visibly uninjured. both were taken to a walnut creek hospital where they are being checked out. as for the pursuit, chp reports that the other patrol car officers pursued those two men and they were taken into custody in tracy. kira klapper, abc7 news. 5:32. city crews in lafayette resume work in morning on a gaping hole on a neighborhood street that may take days to fix
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located on mountain view drive near mount diablo boulevard caused by a swollen crack from yesterday's big storm. water began flowing into the neighborhood after mile piles of large debris clogged up the culvert. the force of the water washed away earth between the culvert and road, the road snapped off a water service line, sewage line and damaged a water main, 20 hopes in the area are affected. -- 20 homes in the area are affected. washed out road posing a problem for commuters in santa cruz county. the sentinel moved this photo. road crews will be back evaluating that situation today. county roads manager says it is going to be a long term closure while the road is fixed. two other rock slides occurred on highway 17 yesterday morning were cleared by afternoon. middle school in marin county close dude to storm
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damage. white hill middle school in fairfax suffered significant flooding the main office and several classrooms among them, the library was also flooded mud throughout campus school officials say they need today to cleanup and arrange for temporary classrooms, the school hotline will have a message this afternoon on whether classes can resume tomorrow. san francisco public works crews will be out this morning cleaning up remaining debris left by yesterday's storm. crews worked into the night. trees fell -- crews with the department of public works worked overtime to tackle 40 calls of downed trees and branches, power pole ed in the sunset district on 39th and moraga. in front of the northern -- northern police station in the western addition significant
5:34 am
street flooding. viewerser pictures, thank you so much. mudslide blocking traffic on highway 84 t that road was cleared last night. this photo shows the ashby tunnel in berkeley flooded over with drain water. if you have taken good weather photos we would like to see them. e-mail them to us at ureport. with more rain expected this week, stay with abc7 news for continuing storm watch coverage. you can track the systems any time with live doppler 7 hd at new this morning, highway patrol in oakland has two drivers in custody following a pair of overnight vehicle pursuits on the freeway and throughout parts of the city. [ sirens ] >> the chp in oakland took over the chase northbound 880 around 1:00 this morning the driver of the car without headlights refused to top in san jose. officers put out spike strips on broadway and 27th, forcing
5:35 am
the vehicle to stop. the driver was arrested and faces recklessly evading officers. an hour later the highway patrol was called to driver going the wrong way on 90th in oakland the driver refused to pull over a chase began through east oakland it ended near 92nd avenue and c street, officer caught one the other still on the loose, the car was stolen. >> in two hours the u.s. supreme court may reveal whether it will weigh in on same-sex marriage. justices may announce whether they will review the legality of prop 8, california's ban on same-sex imagine. they make up the federal defense of marriage act which bars benefits to same-sex couples. a ruling would come before the term ends in june if the justices refuse to hear the case lower court decision declaring the ban unconstitutional would stand allowing same-sex weddings to
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resume within days. the justices could put off a decision until friday. san francisco elementary school reopens after being closed due to a viral outbreak. the campus had to be sanitized over the weekend after 150 stayed home friday due to an outbreak of gastroenteritis. school is expected to go on as usual this morning. parents are urged to keep children at home if they show any symptoms of the virus that includes, cramps, nausea or low-grade fever. time for a look at the forecast. rain is over, 5:37 this morning, look at live doppler, 7 hd picking up dry air, fog is forming now, visibility
5:37 am
less than a quarter of a mile in no watch out up and down 101 this morning this corridor is where we are seeing some of be most russ over the morning commute. -- most treacherous over the morning commute. you can see we are still 40 in napa, 41 santa cruz cool spot, 42 livermore temperatures from 14° cooler than yesterday in san francisco half moon bay 23° and napa. system pulling away another system with high clouds ahead of it, over top of us now. that system coming in tomorrow and wednesday, until then, it going to be dry today, mainly cloudy in the morning, low to mid 40s partly sunny increasing sun, mid to upper 50s noon, 4:00 near 60, low 50s at 7:00, you will need a jacket rain will move into the north bay tomorrow morning spread across all of our
5:38 am
neighborhoods through wednesday. happy monday. northbound 87 through san jose past hp pavillion at the limit, nice drive this morning through san jose to the bay bridge a couple of cars stopped cash paying booths, otherwise no delays in san francisco, no metering lights upper deck looking good towards the s-curve into treasure island, mass transit no delays. larkspur ferry beautiful ride, all boats on time same with samtrans and vta. 5:39. city leaders may be ready to make major tweak to san francisco's controversial central subway project. the neighborhood that could be the last stop. young cancer patient is taken from the hospital by her mother. why police say the search for her is
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thank you for joining us on the first monday of december that's right, i said december the year has flown by. 5:42, live at the embarcadero from our rooftop camera, no rain out there, we may get a little more, nothing like
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yesterday. mike will show you what doppler is showing us. feels like december it is cold. head of muni wants to silence opposition in the north beach to the central construction project by extending the line from chinatown into north beach. the project is slated to run from the south of market to stockton and washington the plan includes digging up parts of columbus north beach so huge drilling machines could be stored there. there have been protests from nearby merchants. muni general manager says he's now recommending the subway be extended to columbus and powell for a new station to be built at the site of the long vacant pagoda theater >> highway patrol investigating the death of a man struck while walking on a bay area freeway on westbound i-580 in richmond around 8:30 last night the man was walking along the freeway near harbor
5:43 am
way he was struck by a big rig then several cars he died at the scene. investigators thought the victim came from a nearby homeless encampment but that was not the case the identity isn't being released until family members are notified. there's another round of rain heading our way tomorrow, late tonight, one community will be keeping a close eye on this next storm. sonoma county saw tour to 10 inch rain lucky the russian river did not other than flow as predicted the warning expired last night in napa county all watches around warnings cancelled . weekend storm dropped plenty of water the napa river never flooded thanks to a new project downtown. sandbags were ready to go but not needed. rocks and mudslides created problems for drive areas long highway 16, heavy rain pounded the canyon saturday night into yesterday morning, causing a series of
5:44 am
rock slides that forced the closure of highway 16 from state route 20 to the yolo county line, caltrans hopes to have highway 16 cleared later today. >> a lot of damage, all in all, a lot of people have fear worse. >> up to 15 inches in some areas of the north bay, a lot of people escaping that lucky, the next system could aggravate a little some areas especially north bay where we expect i expect most of the rain to fall out of the next system it will not be a repeat hopefully that well take down anxiety levels a little many live doppler picking up peace of mind no radar returns clear air for your morning commute many check out that rain nearly 16 inches st. helena 13 inches, santa rosa lower
5:45 am
elevations nearly eight, san rafael seven, three to four inches -- two inch rainses two to three inches around redwood city, hayward and san jose even the south bay was not spared. we are running around 40 to 49° in the bay area, mid 40s to around 50 monterey bay and inland. high clouds, sunshine today, wet weather tomorrow and wednesday. extended period of dry weather that could last 12 to 14 days once we get past this next system. moisture north of us, that puts the north bay at the tail end in the bull's-eye. 4:00 tomorrow morning light rain north bay the rest of us drizzle for the morning commute. noon some of that light rain starting to get into the heart
5:46 am
of the bay, the rest of us have scattered, light rain. 5:00, most of the bay area except south bay getting rain, you can see scattered during the afternoon until the overnight hours into wednesday the cold front starts to move through we get more widespreadáç steadier rain more showery in nature once the front passes wednesday midday into the afternoon. quarter to half inch possible south bay peninsula up to 3/4 east bay inch and a half north bay maybe two inches in mountains that's why we are a little concerned in the north bay. as far as our seven day forecast, tuesday, wednesday, check out thursday through sunday, you have been waiting to do outdoor activities those will be the days to do them. east shore freeway past it avenue golden gate fields, then university avenue into emeryville, speeds starting to slow a little, getting yourself into a little bit of
5:47 am
a crowd no major slowing to the macarthur maze and toll plaza, sunol grade to san jose 680, 87 northbound good towards north 101, 24 towards the caldecott tunnel nice drive toward walnut creek. the waze app, through petaluma this is 101, fog is developing you could have visibility issues if you are traveling in the petaluma into novato area. you can navigate your commute by downloading free app, abc7 news app on apple's app store or google play. great tool to have if you are out and about on your commute. 5:48 now. if you are looking for a job, some big employers are still in holiday hiring mode. >> here's jane king. good morning. sources tell bloomberg delta airlines in talks to buy part of virgin atlantic possibly from singapore airlines the
5:48 am
deal would expand delta's access at heathrow airport if you are looking for a job, not too late to find one for the holidays 5,000 seasonal positions at ups still open. amazon says distribution centers are still hiring some say it is a sign the economy is improving. u.s. mint says saefls american eagle cold coins has more than doubled in november. some investors say people see the coins to hedge if lawmakers fail to cut a deal to avert fiscal live. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. this morning the search continues for an 11-year-old cancer patient, police say the girl known as emily was taken out of a fee thing hospital by her mother the day before -- out of a phoenix hospital by her mother the day before she was to be discharged. video captures them walking
5:49 am
out of the hospital 1030 -- 10:30 wednesday. >> we have an 11-year-old girl, her parents are removing her from the hospital and putting her danger she could obtain an infection tan die within a couple of days. >> ly and her family were seen driving away in blake minivan. coming up at 7:00, why police fear her family may be especially difficult to track down. this one looks like it is out of a movie, three firefighters injured at the scene of a rain-related accident. the moments after they were hit by a skidding video, caught on video. hundreds of schools are about to try a new experiment to close t
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here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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welcome back. you are looking live from a rooftop cam no rain now is there more on the way? mike will tell you. for says it is moving quickly to address safety issues after announcing its latest recall, recalling more than 89,000 new escape suv's and fusion sedans the engines can overheat and catch fire. ford says the 2013 vehicles have 1.6 liter engines. the company is working on a fix and asking owners to contact dealers.
5:53 am
formed says it has reports of 12 fires in escapes and one in a fusion. no injuries have been reported. three east bay firefighters recovering from serious injuries after they were hit while working crashes on highway 24 in orinda. they are all veterans of the moraga orinda fire department, video of the accident was caught seconds after it happened yesterday. the injured firefighters were part of the crew at the scene of two earlier storm-related crashes. after the first accident a second car skidded into a fire truck and pulled over to the side of the road that's when the worst happened. >> third car hit the side of our fire engine and then actually rolled over up on to the embankment and hit three of our firefighters and also the person we were taking the report from. >> that driver who was being interviewed and driver of the suv taken to john muir, bottle in critical condition.
5:54 am
two of the firefighter -- both in critical condition. two of the firefighters will need surgery. yesterday morning there were so many accidents out there, sue and i were talking about how it looked like reports from a friday morning. >> it did. you couldn't even see the rain was coming down so hard. dry today, we get a break, active pattern still out there, tomorrow into wednesday another rainy system coming our way. today partly sunny, low to mid 60s, upper 50s at the coast. entire state fairly dry a few radar return around l.a. in the higher elevations, 77 palm springs through the central valley mid 60s from sacramento to fresno, 47 tahoe sue tells me you need chains on 88. >> yes highway 85 -- highway 88, five and cleared to the bay bridge no metering lights back up for cash paying folks
5:55 am
everybody else getting by nicely fast track and compute lanes moving smoothly on the upper deck, eastbound 580 greenville north flynn roadwork still to be picked up they are saying 11:00 westbound slow out of the central valley up and over the altamont pass 20 minutes from the altamont into livermore highway 4 westbound slow towards antioch and pittsburg about 20 minutes making your way into concord great highway in san francisco closed due to sand that removal should be a couple more days. 5:55. tomorrow contra costa county supervisors are expected to vote to close four fire stations within in walnut creek, clayton, martinez and lafayette the county will scale back responses to low priority calls this cost cutting comes after county voters rejected a measure that was a temporary parcel tax toçñ w of fire service. lafayette's city manage urging residents to attend tomorrow's
5:56 am
meeting to voice their opposition. oakland city council will hear from both sides april controversial proposal for a dog park. a stretch of green on the corner of macarthur boulevard and lake shore. the area has been a gathering spot for picnics and soccer games. dog lovers want to fence off part of the area to use for a dog park opponents say the area is not the right location for a dog park. california educators will be watching to see what happens when the school year gets longer in five states, starting in 2013. the announce -- part of' there year pilot project administrators hope it makes students more competitive. districts can decide for themselves if they will add
5:57 am
extra showers to the school day or extra days to the school year. >> [ unintelligible ] next, we continue to follow breaking news out of the east bay. >> two chp officers to the hospital after their patrol car flips over. the call for help leading to this violent crash. update on their conditions. we may be just 30 minutes from learning the fate of same-sex marriage in california. next, what needs to happen before t
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news at 6:00, highway patrol cruiser flips on the altamont pass sending two officers to the hospital. in the next hour we could learn whether the u.s. supreme court will take up california's prop 8 a decision that could lead to the return of same-sex marriage in the


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